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Exteriors 04 Tania Karpowitz.jpg

October 30, 2021

At first look, faces are at the center of Tania Karpowitz’s paintings in her Headlands exhibition.  Upon deeper examination, they breach the irregular, jagged edge that exists between person and place, and landscapes emerge and captivate the imagination. 

Exteriors 10 Tania Karpowitz.jpg

October 25, 2021

Painter Tania Karpowitz is interviewed by the Art League of Alexandria during her current solo exhibition "Headlands".  Learn more about her approach and what drives and inspires her. 

Artist Interview:  The Study of Self-Portraits with Tania Karpowitz

Still Life 03 Tania Karpowitz.jpg

November 11, 2018

The Art League asked Tania Karpowitz a few questions about her Self-Portrait workshop and entering the October Self-Portrait exhibit.

Clothed 14 Tania Karpowitz.jpg

January 2011

Painter Tania Karpowitz  studied in both Rome and Madrid, and the effect of those sojourns can be seen in her canvases, which emulate the lush surfaces and sensuous light of Old Masters. Karpowitz's show at the Washington Studio School, consists primarily of paintings, mostly nudes or semi ...

Head 39 Tania Karpowitz.jpg

March 8, 2019

Mar 08, 2019 · Held at The Art League Gallery in the Torpedo Factory Art Center, the event’s paired works include a diamond-studded bracelet by Gretchen Raber, oil portraiture by Dannie Dawson and Tania Karpowitz ...

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